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Welcome To Northstar

Northstar is a training and development company that specializes in leadership development, employability, and talent management. Northstar consultants have decades of collective knowledge and experience in the field of education, training, and human resource management that gives us a unique advantage in providing professional services to many industries. With our business savy trainers, we welcome the chance to provide your organization with the professional development necessary to increase productivity and enhance the quality of your personnel.

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See the benefit of investing in your employees' professional growth. By improving upon the skills sets of employees and taking their talent to the next level, organizations are guaranteed to experience an increase in clientèle, productivity, and employee performance.


Let's improve our productivity, satisfaction, and attain goals, together.

Northstar's professional coaching is a one-to-one partnership with clients; this is a collaborative, and pragmatic, relationship integrating psychology and strategic business priorities.


Northstar is a leader in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

Gain contextual knowledge on leadership and management skills via workshops, partnerships, and numerous global networks.

and Seminars

Good professionals become great professionals by continuing education.

Participate in our off-site, on-site, and remote events to learn new techniques as well as strengthen existing skills.


Ready to advance your career? Are you reaching your true potential?

Our trademarked 8 Point Training Model promotes the three characteristics of professional development:

  • Active learning
  • Content knowledge
  • Coherence of staff


Below are samples of our professional products and training. click the icon for more information.

  • Good time & organizational skills can help eliminate chaos in you professional and personal lives. While some people are naturally organized, many others have to actively work at it. We help you design a customized time management system for your workplace and your life.

    Time & Organizational Management

    We help you design a time management system to work smarter instead of harder.

  • Northstar's Leadership Development Training helps educators become better leaders in the classrooms and life. We explore leadership theory and best practices as well as participate in serveral exercises to guide particpants towards workplace satisfaction and improved student behavior/performance.

    Leadership Development

    Become a better leader in the classroom and in life.

  • By leveraging practical exercises, contemporary and contextual examples, and time-tested change management guidelines, everyone can become a more successful leader of change within their organization(s). We cover several valuable change management skills including, but not limited to:<ul style='padding-top:10px;padding-bottom:10px;'><li>Assessing the reaction(s) to change</li><li>How to overcome resistance to change</li><li>Help change achieve its intended goals</li></ul>

    Managing Change in the Workplace

    Techniques to reacting, overcome, and help change to achieve organizational goals.

  • Statistics show that approximately 85% success in ife can be directly attributed to our ability to communicate effectively. Ulitmately, no matter how ambitious, committed, hard-working, or highly educated we are, success is contingent upon the development our communication skills. Learn a wide variety of skills and techniques to improve your ability to communicate and master the three elements of communication: word selection, body language, and voice inflection.

    Effective Communication

    Change life experiences and the way others respond to you using multiple, proven effective comminication techniques.

  • Effectively teaching 30 students has several challenges. What is the most effective strategy? Develop multiple lesson plans for different groups? Tailor lesson plans for indivdual students? Aim for the middle in order to reach most students? The answer is complicated. Individualized lesson plans are impractical and teaching to the middle often leaves advanced students unchallenged. Best practices suggest an alternative: Differentiated Instruction. Differentiated instruction is an approach that assumes there is a diversity of learners in every classroom and that all of those learners can be reached if a variety of methods and activities are used. Master the concepts of differentiating instruction and improve your classroom(s) today.

    Differentiating Instruction

    Master content delivery to students with diverse academic styles and needs using modified instruction strategies.

  • As  educators, one of our primary goals is to groom the next generation of little humans to succeed in the 'real world'. There is definitely curricula to master in a variety of subjects, but we also must teach and learn how to get along with our peers and work well with others. Recharge your group with practical and fun team building exercises customized for both students and educators.

    Team Building

    Hands-on instruction for improving teacher morale, faculty cohesiveness, and the overall school climate.

What people say

Our Clients

Joan Flowers, Atlanta, GA

The level and nature of participation was simply exceptional, concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis and feedback. The time flew by...we want more!

Our Clients

James Flowers, Decatur, GA

The training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas, with both substantial and in-depth knowledge together with case studies, learning from experience and being fully practice-oriented. Well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges.

Our Clients

Jermaine Flowers, Duluth, GA

Facilitation was outstanding, including the two guest speakers. Very much liked the approach. Also liked the fact that time management was excellent - sessions and days were not too long, as often happens in these sort of workshops. There was a lot of content, so lots of food for thought!

The Northstar 8-Point Training Model™

A proven method to initiate change in the workplace.

Our consultants take time to strategically identify and analyze the needs of your organization. The training courses are designed with a focus to meet the specific needs of the participants.
After the training is implemented, the consultants observe and provide additional support by revisiting and refreshing the information for the participants.
Developing and managing the talent in the workplace is a sure way to see a return on your investment and increase productivity. The Northstar 8 Point Training Model is designed to guide you to your organization to a level of mastery.


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